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Introcution 2 “Res Sunt Nomina” by Pier Paolo Pasolini (Translation Modified)

“Alright, there was a Being that never-always yesterday tomorrow is.
It doesn’t need anything: it doesn’t love!
Love is no more than a small human requirement outside all reality.
Therefor: Being is beyond any being.
But let’s come to the intersection where freedom is born.
In the world there is (!) a machine, and there is (!) a reason we say it shoots.
You can call it the “Reality Eater” or the ‘Eye-Mouth.”
It doesn’t limit itself to looking at Joaquim in the favela.
It looks at him and re-produces him.
It speaks of him through himself and through his parents.
I interpret him (Mestizo? Portuguese? Indian? Dutch? Black?)
In the reproduction on screens large and small as I do in reality.
The eye, the mouth, the cheekbones, the chin, the skin are no other;
I come back to his ancestors and his provenance in Northern Brazil …
You understand me.
Joaquim is language on the screen or on the moviola.
If I interpret Joaquim as language and if I decipher Joaquim as otherwise in that reality — that actual day at the end of March 1970 in the favela on the Barra street —
That is because the language of the “Eye Mouth” is a brother to the language of Reality.
Illusion, yes illusion here and there. Illusion because
Who speaks through that language is a Being who isn’t and doesn’t love.”

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