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FS I Assignment 3

Film Studies 1
Assignment 3
Due Wednesday October 2 Midnight.

Write 400 words motivating the framing this sequence form Dunia: Kiss Me Not On The Eyes (Saab, 2005.) Present the argument as either a pitch for framing the scene the way Saab did (write as if you were a cinematographer trying to convince a director in a memo) or write a formalist description that gives the reasons for the framings and describes there effects. Either way, justify the framings in the clip in terms of other kinds expressive elements such: narrative, mise-en-scéne, or other features of the cinematography.

As always, avoid the passive voice and stand alone coupla sentences (“The house is white.)” Use proper grammar. Make sure the aspects of the clip you describe work as part if the argument about the framing, don’t waste words. Please put only “Assignment 2, YOUR LAST NAME” in the subject line of the email when you hand it in. Name the file the same way.

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