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A Note On BDS @ Ohio University

I teach at Ohio University where Jewish Anti-Zionists students face extreme bullying and all #BDS activists are being intimidated by those who claim to speak and act for ALL Jews. I am named after two great Uncles who were killed in Auschwitz. For many reasons I don’t usually claim or care about my “identity” as a Jew, but I have been asked to stand with the threatened activists. I stand with them. I say unequivocally that those who threaten anti-racists in the name of “THE Jews” do not speak for me, and they dishonor my ancestors. I say unequivocally that those who support the murderous state dominating the territory of Palestine do not speak for me. I feel that vile behavior towards vulnerable people has forced me to speak in a way that I normally would not. I post this here because I will have to make some public statements in the coming week in which I invoke the history of my family and I want it understood that this is a tactical position. I will be speaking with an awareness that in a situation of real anti-semitism, I would be in danger and from within a context in which authorities take it upon themselves to speak for “THE Jews.” These people do not speak for “THE Jews” because there is no such thing as “THE Jews.” These same people are the first to make claims about incivility in the #BDS movement. Speaking for “THE Jews” is violent, uncivil speech, especially considering that many of the speakers actively practice Ashkenazi Suprematism and support the state that does so . Let there be no mistake, however, the real problem here is not “Jewishness” it is nothing other than the abjecting brutality of Capital and the need of the bourgeoisie to regulate speech and behavior through completely artificial racial identities in order to to articulate it’s colonial project. Those whose violence have forced me to assert this position are agents of a structure that created THE Jews and contemporary forms of racialized identity as part of the process of dispossession through genocide, more formally known as primitive accumulation. That process continues in Palestine today and has also produced “THE” Palestinians as a completely abjected race that exists in relation to the Bourgeois need for labor, land, and resources and which Capital feels free to exterminate. My opposition to Zionism is in every instance an opposition to Capitalism, and a form of class war.

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