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Threats Against Our Friend


WHAT I WITNESSED LAST NIGHT @ OHIO UNIVERSITY STUDENT SENATE: A man in Bobcats For Israel who was protesting the Blood Bucket Challenge video by interrupting the meeting before it was called to order strode up to Megan Marzec aggressively and started screaming the text he was reading in her face. He carried himself in a menacing manner. It is widely known that Marazec has received death threats and rape threats from around the country in response to the video.
Like many universities, OU has a problem with sexual assault on campus and an active rape culture. In Ohio, the statute on “menacing” reads “No person shall knowingly cause another to believe that the offender will cause physical harm to the person or property of the other person, the other person’s unborn, or a member of the other person’s immediate family.”
Though the police were called, they did not arrest said Bobcat because the was not interrupting “a lawful meeting:” the organized action by Bobcats For Israel had prevented President Marzec from calling the meeting to order.
Everyone knows by now that I find the law and police useless as best, this is part of the reason why. I was told police were trying to “help out” by someone who seemed to be a faculty colleague (I did not know the person, he seemed connected to the senate somehow.) The police are NEVER on our side. The law is only applied to certain people. I don’t understand why this man was not arrested. Was family privilege somehow in play? Are his parents major donors to OU? Was it only political?
More importantly, what are we going to do as a community about threats of assault against our friend? A reverend spoke about how what he wanted most from a discussion of BDS was for OU to be able to look back and feel pride at how we discussed it. That is utter nonsense. What matters is DECOLONIZING PALESTINE, not how we feel about ourselves. There is not much we can do directly but pass BDS toward that end. Meanwhile, we need to protect our friends when they are menaced, What will we do?

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